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Finally, something esculent.

A few words.

What exactly is Esculent? Esculent is expertly foraged, picked through, and chosen. Pulled out of the heap from the mediocre, and the inedible. Just as you would dig and toil for the finest apple in the grocery store, you have done the same when you choose Esculent catering.

Menu Possibilities

A Plated Experience

Coursed & Plated

For a truely unique and curated experience, contact Esculent Catering for plated dining. We will develop a custom dining experience for you and your guests to perfectly enhance your event or gathering. Every last detail can be taken into account; ingredients, wine parings, table settings, waitstaff, bartenders, courses, craft cocktails.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

How Can We Serve You?

Dinner Parties

Deliciously At Home

Dinner, the last meal of the day, yet the focal point. After a hard day's work and busy week what better reason to celebrate than for the sake of celebration? Gather around your table with good friends, family and good conversation, we'll do the rest. Allow our chefs to customize for you a three to seven coursed meal, sourced globally from the great cuisines around the world, and served locally to you in your home. Have peace of mind as our chefs work in your kitchen, bringing our own specialized equipment to prepare, cook, and serve your meal, so you can get to what matters most; enjoying good people with great food. Make your next dinner party an Esculent one.

Call or email today for an in person or telephone consultation with one of our chefs.

How Can We Serve You?

Our Vision

Whether a corporate luncheon or intimate family gathering, our team of consultants and chefs are willing and prepared to style and tailor a menu designed to fit your specific needs. Through a partnership with Chatam University and a tenacity to provide the best locally sourced and organic ingredients, we provide a distinct and quality experience second to none. Our menus are chef designed and can be tailor made to fit your distinct style and palate. Our epicurean consultants are ready to create a truly wonderful and unique event for you!

We invite you to browse through our no hassle boxed lunch and buffet items, just click and set up a time, we know how busy you are. If you're looking for something a little more specific, give us a call. We are eager to finally serve the greater Pittsburgh area something, Esculent.

Holding a bunch of fresh picked carrots.
Bucket full of ripe, hand picked apples.

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